• College Newspapers

    The library’s collection of The Snowdrift from 1925 on has been digitized. In the earlier years, newspaper editors occasionally published a “Snowflake” (a very short version of the paper). These are also included.

  • Yearbooks

    Snow’s yearbook, the “Snowonian” was published by the college most years from 1914 through 2001.

  • College Catalogs

    Some of the early college catalogs (beginning in 1895), have been digitized. These have sections on the history and curriculum of the college. Many of the early catalogs also have lists of the enrolled students. Some also include historical photographs. As more are digitized this collection will grow.

  • Saga of the Sanpitch

    This collection is comprised of thirty volumes of local history from 1969 through 1998. They represent the annual award-winners from the Sanpete Historical Writing Contest. Essays, short stories,  poetry, and the occasional photograph are included. Subject matter for the Saga is the history of the Sanpete Valley pre-1888.